New Student

Download the MidCoast Pilates Class Registration Form.

All new students are required to fill out our Client Information Form. Please download and print the health form, fill it out and bring to your first class!

MidCoast Pilates Client Information Form


Things You Should Know Before You Start

No Experience Necessary

There’s no need to be flexible already or know what the heck a ballet tendu is before doing Pilates. Pilates wants you just as you are. Tight muscles, poor coordination, back pain… Bring It!

Start with the Basics

Regardless of your fitness level, we advise new clients to start with our beginner mat or private lessons. It is key to build a strong foundation of the principles, and correct technique of the movements. Pilates is more dynamic than most exercise routines and even a beginner class can be challenging.

What to Expect the First Time

Expect to communicate, listen, get corrections, and receive feedback from your trainer whether in a class or a private session. Expect to move from the very start! You’ll perform the order of exercises while your trainer cues you toward correct form, breath, and alignment.

Studio Etiquette 

  • Please turn off or silence your cell phone in the studio.
  • Dispose of gum before class.
  • You may leave boots or street shoes in the hallway or waiting room.
  • If you arrive early for your private lesson please wait in the upper waiting area until your instructor is ready. Our insurance required this.
  • Long hair must be tied back.
  • No long earrings or big necklaces.
  • Wear comfortable workout clothing that let you have full range of motion.
  • Wear clothes that provide full coverage.
  • Pants or shorts with a snug fit on the thigh are required.
  • Clean feet are much appreciated.
  • Please try to avoid wearing fragrance to the studio. Others may be sensitive.
  • Don’t forget to download your Client Information Form, fill it out and bring it to your first appointment or class.
  • We don’t accept credit or debit cards. Checks or cash, thank you.
  • We require a 24 hour cancellation.

For more info please read our FAQ’s.