Studio Policy

Cancellation Policy and Missed Classes:

Private Lesson: 24-hour notice is required for cancellations of private sessions or the full session fee will be charged. For example: if your appointment is 9:00 am on Tuesday, you are required to inform your instructor by 9:00 am on Monday by phone. Anything less than 24-hours will be charged. If you make an appointment and “no show” (do not inform your instructor that you will not be there) you will be charged the full session fee. Reasons for late cancellations or no-shows will not be judged, it is simply a time policy. All cancellations must be made by phone. If you are scheduled with Maurine Joy you should call 207-319-4499. If you are scheduled with Cindy Wilson you should call her at 207-319-6009 if there are any changes in scheduled appointments.

Mat Classes:  Credit is not extended beyond the session, nor is “dropping out” refundable. A $15.00 fee will be withheld if you drop within 48 hours of the first class; thereafter, there are no refunds.

Please make every effort to attend each of your classes that you have registered for. If you must miss, you may make-up your class within your current session only. You must make-up classes only in your level and with same instructor, as long as there is another class being offered at the same level, and as long as there is space available. Although we will try to be accommodating make-up classes are not guaranteed.

As a courtesy, please call ahead if you cannot make class, or if you plan on attending a class as a make-up. We regret that we cannot offer refunds or discounts due to missed classes, so please schedule accordingly.

Avoid “floating” as this is unfair to other classes. “Floating” will be considered “drop-in” and charged accordingly.

Prepaid sessions are not transferable.

Inclement Weather:

Privates (including duet): Please call 207-319-4499 one hour prior to your appointment to see if your lesson has been cancelled. If you feel the weather in your area will prevent you from making your session, please inform us by phone. Inclement weather is not considered a late cancellation.

We also want to address the “regular slot” status for private sessions. We appreciate that so many of you are committed to your Pilates study and have a regularly scheduled appointment from week to week. Please note that once you have agreed to a regular slot you are in my schedule on the day(s) and time(s) continually until you inform your instructor that you will not be there. If you forget to inform your instructor and miss an appointment, you will be charged for a no-show (late cancellation).

Mat Classes: You will not receive a personal call. Call 207-319-4499, one (1) hour prior to class and a weather message will be left if there is a change in the class schedule. If you feel the weather will prevent you from attending class, you can make-up within the session. Classes cancelled by an instructor will either be made up (by adding a day) at the end of the session or refunded depending upon studio decision. No refunds will be issued if a day is added.

Tardiness and Leaving Early:

Privates: Your session time remains within your scheduled time slot. Your instructor is not obligated to “run over” nor is he/she obligated to add time to another session. If you must leave your lesson early, please inform your instructor before you begin.

Mat Classes: If you arrive late, please try not to disturb class and get started right away on “the Hundred.” If you must leave early, let your instructor know before class.

Instructors reserve the right to deny private session or mat classes if payment is not received. If payments are repeatedly late, instructors reserve the right to deny scheduling. Instructors reserve the right to change/ cancel class times and days as well as regular slot times and days as needed to accommodate studio schedule.

All of the policies addressed here are in line with other Pilates studios in Maine and around the country as well as other gyms, dance studios, yoga studios, personal trainers and so on. If you should have any questions please feel free to contact us.