I took my first Pilates class with Maurine about twelve years ago, and as students together we became hooked on the results! Working with Maurine as my teacher for all these years has instilled in me such a sense of pride and accomplishment, that what began as a curiosity for me, has turned into a passion. With her good sense of fun and innate drive to find results, I have made Pilates a very important part of my life. With Maurine’s support, wisdom, good natured fun, and encouragement, I have been able to stick with an exercise regime, or I really should say, a lifestyle regime that has changed my body in so many positive ways. I am stronger, leaner, and over the years have actually grown a half an inch! My work with Maurine continues to be the highlight of my day! I never feel like I’m “working out.” I feel that I am enjoying time with someone who motivates me to truly see my body as a reflection of myself.”
Alicia Lewis Brunswick, ME

Good morning, I feel compelled to drop you a “Thank you!” line this a.m. as I sit here in my office ready for another hot day AND I am in cap-sleeved top and skirt which comes up to my knees for heat relief. I feel comfortable with where my arms and knees are at this point in my Pilates journey and it is due to the hard work, patience, support, and encouragement given to me by you and others from your studio. I have more goals about the ‘ole arms and knees, however, this is first time in a couple of years I have gone out in public with sleeves this short or skirt at this length. Heartfelt appreciation.”
Eileen B. Brunswick, ME
I came to Maurine 1 1/2 years ago suffering from a spinal disc injury. As a fitness instructor, I was used to pushing myself hard… I was barely able to do anything at that time and was suffering physically and spiritually. Because of Pilates and Maurine, I am a new person. My physical therapist would not even recognize me now!! I exercise just as hard now but use my body differently (I do work up a sweat in both mat and private classes!!)…Maurine and Pilates are a great complement to any fitness/body work. As an “over 50″ participant, I am forever grateful for Maurine and Midcoast Pilates!!”
Joan Reynolds Woolwich, ME
When Maurine offered to structure a Pilates program for Nico’s Parkinson’s, both his physician and his neurologist enthusiastically approved. The results are very positive- from improved breathing to stretched muscles and strengthened posture. We cannot imagine what Nico’s physical condition might be without Maurine’s fine instruction and support.”

The same is true for Nancy. It’s wonderful to be aware of how to feel strong, balanced and functional. Two people well into their 70’s are happily benefitting from MidCoast Pilates.

Nicolaas and Nancy Kist Brunswick, ME
I cannot begin to describe how much Maurine’s Pilates instruction in group mat class and private sessions have improved my posture, balance, flexibility, muscle strength and body toning…The one best thing I can say is the most helpful, is Maurine’s coaching. Although I’ve never experienced a trainer for celebrities, I imagine it’s close to Maurine’s style. Her encouragement and smile, whether it’s gently pushing you to do more or just giving you a break by helping you stretch out your muscles, makes me feel like a star.

Thanks Maurine for helping to give me a healthy body now and in the future.”

Hollie Curts Brunswick, ME
Maurine, Thanks so much for a really great class this past Wednesday! I am still feeling my bikini muscle in a whole new way”
Deb Gardiner owner What's Up Brunswick, ME
I have to tell you, I’ve always HATED ab exercises….they made me feel like I had a constant stomachache, and I was kind of afraid Pilates would be like that. I’m so happy to say it isn’t! Not at all…in fact, I find myself tightening those muscles while I’m riding in the car, sitting in my chair, and even standing. I think my posture already feels different. It’s really enjoyable! I wish I’d started years ago. Thank you for continuing to encourage me to take a class!”
Emily Topsham, ME
Maurine Joy and I took our first Pilates class together in 2000. She has gone on to become a certified and accomplished instructor who can truly access a person’s abilities.

When I injured my back in 2007 Maurine was able to “fine tune” my workout. Her constant encouragement and help has gone far beyond any care I was able to receive from the “medical establishment.” (P.S. I’ll follow you anywhere)”

Jan A., RN

What can I say about Pilates: It has done amazing things for me! …I have seen my Core strength increase by leaps and bounds (the flat abs I never seemed to be able to achieve through “crunches” are finally coming into their own). And, overall, I feel that my posture and flexibility have improved significantly. By continuing to participate in Private sessions and group classes, I feel that I am better able to notice my weak points and am happy to report that I can be “good” at Pilates even as the improvement process continues.

Thank you, Maurine, for your help in the process!”

Lynette J. Fahnestock, D.O. Brunswick, ME
I’ve had recurrent low back pain for a number of years and have tried everything from rest to chiropractic care. But once I started Pilates my back pain was a thing of the past. And my golf game has improved due to greater mobility. Pilates really is the way to go for all around good exercise.”
Maggie Topsham, ME
Pilates made hip surgery recovery a snap!  I had been doing Pilates for about three years prior to hip surgery at age 60.  The osteoarthritis had deteriorated the joint to the point that I was barely able to go up and down stairs.  It was extremely painful.  Surgery was scheduled for November 17th and I knew I needed to prepare my muscles and body for that and recovery.  So I decided to take private Pilates lessons once a week with Maurine.  When the date for surgery arrived I actually thought that perhaps I didn’t need to have the hip replacement.  I was pain free and doing stairs perfectly and without thought of pain.  I was ready!

The afternoon of surgery I was up walking with a walker.  The following day I walked the entire floor in the hospital.  A week after surgery I was walking with a cane and by week two I didn’t need either a cane or walker.  I continued to do some Pilates and my PT routine for months after.  My walking stride was smooth and normal because I had strengthened and maintained my core strength.  Other people that I’ve talked to that have had the same surgery walk with a limp, continue to need assistive devices and have some residual pain.

It’s been a year now and things are still going well.  I strongly advise anyone who is thinking about hip replacement surgery to start pilates, keep doing your pilates and/or take private lessons to strengthen specific muscle groups that support the hip joint.  I can’t say enough good about what Pilates did for me.  I’m simply thrilled.”

Kathleen Goddu Brunswick, ME