Welcome! We hope you find what you are looking for as you become more familiar with this exciting form of exercise called Pilates. MidCoast Pilates is one of the elite providers of classical Pilates training in Maine. At MidCoast Pilates the focus is on individual, high quality Pilates instruction.

We offer both group Pilates classes and private lessons utilizing state-of-the-art Pilates equipment including reformer, cadillac, chair, a variety of barrels including a ladder barrel and a spine corrector. We also incorporate contemporary tools into sessions such as Magic Circles, foam rollers, physioballs, resistance bands and small weights.

One of our goals has been to create a “Green” Studio. As a business in a discipline that prides itself on clean, healthful living, we are striving to reflect that in the studio. We have used compact fluorescent lighting, no- VOC paint, and we use all natural products to clean the equipment and mats. We recycle and use recycled products whenever possible.

We strive to make Pilates accessible to all and create a welcoming environment where clients can leave the stress at the door and enjoy finding freedom in movement that heals. Join us in celebrating health!